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I first saw this “Tire Swing” graphic when I was in my 3rd year as an Architecture student. The head of the Project Management department used it in one of his lectures in a mandatory course to “subtly” recruit students into the field. By the way I’d like to give a big shout out Dr. P. I wouldn’t be in this -disastrous, finger-pointing, money talking, butt-covering, yet morally, emotion...

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OBC, Architecture, Construction

So, here we are. You’ve considered all the choices you have in life, weighed out the pros and cons of each of your dreams. You crossed out "become a movie star", "cure AIDS" and "grow a beard, buy a Harley-Davidson and road trip across Canada" off your list. You’ve always aspired to be in the Architecture and Construction Industry and now you’ve made it. Life is great, until you realize...

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